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Where I’ve Lived in Chicago + What’s New at Anthropolgie​

Hey all, thanks for stopping by. I really have nothing to say during this blog. I really just wanted to show you some of my favorites from Loft and Anthropologie.

John and I have this phrase: “when we move”. So when I move I’ll have way more creative. My current apartment is getting so messy and it is distracting! I am so so excited to move and get a kitchen with an actual counter and white tiling. So so so excited! My parents and our youth group are going to help us move. All I have to do is pack. Anyone with me about packing? I don’t know why but it really stresses me out. When I get stressed out I procrastinate. Packing for a weekend trip even stresses me out. You can imagine how moving apartments could be for me. I am a pro at living in city apartments and looking for new apartments in the city.

I have moved like five times. Here are the places in Chicago I have lived in:

Lincoln Park – Super basic people live here. I really didn’t fit in, but I loved the shopping opportunities. I lived right across the street from the park and lake shore. I could walk to the Lincoln Park Zoo and loved to run on the bike path. Parking is impossible. I just didn’t have a car at this point.

Near North Chicago – This an area by Old Town and the Gold Coast in the center of the city. My college was here and for one summer I lived in a studio with one of my friends while I was a lifeguard and checking off my social work internship. Everything is at your fingertips here. I wouldn’t recommend owning a car here because public transportation is easy to access and parking is pretty pricy in this location.

Logan Square – I loved this place. It was always filled with people out and about. Lots of people in their 20s move here because it is an up and coming neighborhood. It is also really close to Humboldt Park so the prices are cheaper but not too far away from Wicker Park, which is the center of the art and music scene in Chicago. Parking is difficult if you don’t have a garage.

Roger’s Park – I lived in Roger’s Park for a year. This was my favorite studio apartment so far. I lived by myself for the first time and felt like it was a pivotal point in my life. Roger’s Park is what I like to call the red-neck part of the city. I have been to a bar and grill once and everyone there was wearing cowboy boots. There are parts of Roger’s Park that really do feel like Sandwich, IL. haha, but at the same time, it is the most diverse zip code in IL. In my building, everyone was from Serbia and I loved getting to know a little more about Serbian culture. Almost every nation is represented in this little area of Chicago. This is the perfect place for the outdoorsy person to live in the city. I lived across the street from the beach and in the summers EVERYONE was outside. What I didn’t love about this location, Sheridan, the main street, gets so crowded around 2 pm. It took so long to get anywhere, but during the summers it was so worth it. Try and get a parking spot in a garage, because street parking is hard to find.

Andersonville – Andersonville is close to Roger’s Park, Edgewater, and Uptown. What most don’t know about this location is that Clark’s street is filled with restaurants, thrift stores, boutiques, and coffee shops. I can walk to Clark street from my apartment and it is perfect for when friends come into town. We don’t go downtown to the center of Chicago, we just walk down Clark in Andersonville. Street parking has been a little easier here, which is good because there are not many options for garage parking. Also, In a fifteen minute walk, you could find yourself at the beach.

Now on to Oak Park! I’ll be sure to take tons of pictures in our new white kitchen! Where have you lived?

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