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What is More Inspiring than Art

Art is inspiring. A painting, a sculpture, a poem a new fabric. Each is created to touch, move, inspire others. What is more inspiring than art? The person behind the art. Artists are just as inspiring as their art. Their story comes from inside and is brought into a physical object for others to see and identify with. Fashion is a wonderful art form that everyone participates in when getting dressed in the morning. Here are three reasons why artists are just as inspiring as their art.

As I have shared before, I am a sound engineer for a radio morning show. I have two hosts. Both are hilarious. Their different personalities balance each other out. I work closely with both and have been inspired by both in different ways. Yesterday, they were talking about the necklace I was wearing. One was commenting about my crystal necklace and the other asked, “yea, why does Hannah have a bullet shell on her neck?”. IMG_4248 Both saw different things on the same necklace. What they saw brought out their unique personalities and stories. I asked Lisa, owner of Rubyblu Jewelry, to send me her bullet crystal necklace because the concept is so moving. IMG_4250  Differences can be brought out through one art form. One of my hosts noticed the crystal because he is all sorts of energy and life, which is something crystal stone represents. My other host commented on the bullet, which makes sense to me because she is probably one of the strongest people I know. An artist knows how to reach out and touch each individual bringing out their unique quintessence. IMG_4261 Lisa said she started to weld her own jewelry with her dad and went on to explain to me the concepts behind her jewelry. Her shop is called RubyBlu Jewelry. “Ruby” represents the edge in her collection while “Blu” represents the colorful splash of bohemian inspired pieces. I wish I could have recorded the conversation I had with her. You would have been inspired. Artists inspire me because without the artist there would be no art. IMG_4262Rihanna says, “When I am putting looks together, I dare myself to make something work. I have to make it me. I think that’s the thrill in fashion”. Kanye West, when addressing the commercialism in the fashion world, stated that he is impressed by the amount of creativity needed to design a piece that everyone loves. Both are artists and recognize the creativity in fashion as an art form. IMG_4263 Artists inspire me because they create something beautiful from messes. Kanye would say art comes from pain and pain creates messes. Can you make the messy look work in the morning? You are an artist. IMG_4264 Another thing Lisa said will stick to my brain like glue for a long time. I was telling her about my creative block and not knowing which direction to go and she replied by saying “oh that’s normal”. She went on to say if we stop struggling to figure something out we would stop creating. She is so right! I love the creative process artists go through. If we stopped striving we would stop creating. IMG_4265 Artists inspire me because they don’t stop. Creative people have a unique capability to be incredibly focussed for hours. You cannot put time on creativity, however, with time you can create.  IMG_4266 You are an artist. Everyday you get up and you put on what you will wear that day. You keep going. IMG_4269 Life is messy. If you are making messy situations better you are creating. IMG_4270Whether it is a school’s sweatshirt and leggings or a dress from Kate Spade you are creating an expression of your unique quintessence. What is more inspiring than art? You are, because you are an artist. IMG_4273

My top is from TopShop. I left the shirt winkled because I love the messy, grunge look mixed with a professional look. As Lisa, the owner of Rubyblu Jewelry, says on her site REBEL + BOHO.

Blazer is from LUSH and I bought it at Nordstrom’s Rack.

All jewelry, earnings and bullet crystal necklace is from Rubyblu Jewelry

By the way, Fashion Week Milan is going on now so be sure to check it out on

Photos by Adam Pflederer @pfleds

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  • Reply Jennifer March 28, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    Artists also have to be purposeful in making the most of their material. So, when a “mistake” happens, many times, an artist will have to “repurpose” the error in making it an integral part of their finished piece. Sometimes, the result is even better than the original plan/intention!

    • Reply Hannah March 29, 2016 at 7:18 pm

      I completely agree!!! The process is incredible.

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