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Day 1 –

After putting the corset on at about 4:45Am, I felt a rush of excitement!  Partly because I love new beginnings and trying new things, especially things that will enable me to solve a mystery: Does the Corset actually ‘train’ the waist to be a certain shape? Does the Corset truly increase core strength and improve posture? Could this fashion contraption really make me look and feel sexier, ‘empowered’ and strong?

The first thing I noticed was a change in my breathing.  I had to work harder to breathe which seems an obvious side-effect of such a constricting garment, but it was a different kind of ‘working harder,’. It seemed that the corset ‘encouraged’ me to breath deeper – in order to completely fill my diaphragm.  And I was happy to oblige, knowing that deep, deliberate breaths are healthy for the whole body.  This was fun for about an hour and half.

The 2nd thing I noticed (within 15 minutes) was that this particular corset was itchy.  By day 3 I realized that a good slathering of lotion on my core and upper thighs took care of the itching for the most part.  So if you’re going to try this, make sure you are well hydrated and use a good moisturizing lotion on the entire area you will be wearing the corset. This only helps of course if you are wearing the corset against your bare skin.

By the 2nd hour, The corset threatened to become uncomfortable. I found that standing up and walking around helped a lot and I wrapped up the workday without too much discomfort. But my 1 hr drive home was very uncomfortable. It felt like I was wearing a cardboard box around my middle, which was no fun at all.

My husband was a bit disgusted as he hugged me and asked me what in the world I was up to now.  He said, ‘I don’t like that.’ And ‘Why are you doing this?’  Gee Dude, tell me how you really feel?

I discovered quickly that at home, the corset is a nuisance. However, I was determined to wear it for at least 12 hours a day. I read that some women even sleep in theirs while ‘training the waist.’ This was completely out of the question. Thankfully, I’d put it on around 4:45AM, so I was able to remove it at around 5pm.

Day 2 –

At 3:20AM, I felt proud at my accomplishments so far as I put the Corset on.  I felt, ‘held together,’ if you will, or ‘surrounded,’. Maybe the best way to describe it is ‘compressed.’  But still – I felt ‘strong.’ My posture was definitely improved and this is one benefit of the garment.  It serves as a constant reminder to ‘stand up straight.’

By now, the excitement and adventure were waning fast. I noticed that with this particular outfit I wore, the corset actually added bulk to my body because it was a little less free flowing than the one I wore on day 1.  This caused me to feel insecure and uncomfortable. I wondered if others could see that I was wearing it.  But every time I remembered that I was not alone. I had a friend who was counting on me to stand strong – ok, so maybe it wasn’t that deep for her, but I was determined so I kept the ‘dern’ thing on!

By 4pm today, I couldn’t wait to take the corset off.  It felt restrictive and it caused me to feel insecure about my body.

Day 3 –

Oh the anguish. Just the thought of putting the corset on made me cringe. But again, I was determined!  I put it on and went to work.  Today I made a conscious effort to put it out of my mind. I had a speaking event at Chruch and I wanted to focus on the message God gave me to share. I was very prayerful. I honestly prayed that God would allow me to put corset out of my mind so I could focus. It worked! I had a wonderful day and the event went very well.

I actually felt confident and pretty during the event because my posture was great! Again, the reminder to stand up straight has many benefits. I was a little insecure when fellow Church members gave me tight hugs. I know they could feel it! But these were fleeting thoughts!

When I arrived home, I realized that in order to reach my 12hr goal, I’d have to wear the corset until 7:30pm. I admit – I didn’t make it.

Day 4 – Corset Sabbath!

I woke up happy!  Went to get ready for my day and saw the corset.  My spirits dropped. I put it on – for an hour. I just couldn’t do it. I decided to call a ‘Corset Time Out!’  I took it off and enjoyed a comfortable, insecurity free day!

Day 5 –

This is the day I decided I hated my corset.  I put it on first thing and just felt really disgusted.  But I kept it on.  Once again I felt insecure all day but I did notice that it limited my appetite. Perhaps because it forced me to feel full faster. It felt like it constricted all of my organs, or it could have been that whenever you do eat, it’s so uncomfortable to have anything in your stomach. I guess there is some benefit there.

On this day, I began to miss my ‘normal’ body size and the feel of my clothing against my skin. I don’t usually wear tight clothing so this was a real adjustment for me.  Still, ignoring my poor husband’s continued complaints, I toughed it out for the whole 12 hrs.

Day 6 – Liberation Day!

I put the corset on.  I drove to work in the Corset.  I saw my dear friend, Hannah. I begged for mercy. We both called the whole thing off! Praise Jesus!!!  Free at Last.  We did not make it a whole week as we’d planned, but we learned a lot.  Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it – it was a life altering experience for sure and the main benefit to the whole experiment is that I feel my core was strengthened a bit. This was no doubt due to the constant reminder of the corset to ‘stand up straight.’  I plan on working to prayerfully remember this without such a uncomfortable solution.  I also plan to daily practice deep breathing which absolutely critical while wearing the ‘waist trainer,’ or you will suffer shortness of breath.

The corset made me very insecure about my size.  It was not a good feeling at all.  It was hard not to wonder if people could tell and people could definitely tell during hugs! (I’m a hugger!) There were some laughs along the way as well, and I have no regrets. But I will NEVER do it again!

My recommendation is: Save your money and find some core excercises that you enjoy! If I do those for 12 hrs a day I’ll look like a Superhero!  So I’ll just try 5 or 10 minutes a day to start!

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