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A Regular Day

On a regular day I get up at 3 am. I try to get out the door by 3:30 am. I am not thinking about anything besides getting in the car and driving the hour commute to my job. That is the goal. The beginning of my day is not much different from the rest of the 24 hours of nonstop go. Continue Reading


One of my favorite things in the world is to spend time with high school girls. I think because I was once a high school girl. This poem is to all the girls out there. Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Protest

Colors are powerful tools. I use colors every day. You do, too. Every time you dress in the morning, when you eat, you subconsciously make decisions based on color. The color yellow is used to illustrate happiness and life. Like in a movie where the story hits the resolution and the sun comes out, representing happiness. Sunday, while marching in a pro-life rally, I noticed the signs and balloons were yellow, creating a fun atmosphere. Walking in a rally is a new experience for me. I am not the type to be waving signs around, But this march was truly different. Continue Reading