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Small Town Woman and the Briefcase

The briefcase was originally termed for the bag lawyers used to carry their briefs to court. The popularity of this type of bag grew in the 60’s- 70’s. Now, many use the briefcase as a case for one of the most important business tools- the laptop. The fashion industry designed many stylish bags for women in the work force, taking “briefcase” to a whole new level. The briefcase can be found on the plane, the train, the car and in every meeting.

According to CNN, there are 4 things women could not do in the 60’s that they can today. This is very interesting to me because, although I would never call myself a feminist, I do appreciate the freedoms I have now as a female that I take for granted.

  1. My dad encouraged me to sign up for a credit card. I remember figuring the details out on my own, setting up the accounts, reading about which card I should own. I did not need him, or any other male for that matter, to co-sign. I did not realize, however, that when my dad was born the banks had the right to turn away a woman who did not have a husband to co-sign for her. This was still an issue until the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 was established.

  2. As much as I would like to not go to jury duty, this is a privilege. Women were considered too fragile and incapable of handling the gruesome facts of crime. My thoughts on this is, if they were worried about bloody and gory details, had they forgotten how nasty giving birth can be?! Talk about strength! In 1973, women were allowed to serve in jury duty for the first time.

  3. Yale and Princeton did not accept female students until 1977.

  4. Workplace equality is, in my opinion, still an issue. National Organization of Women was established after the 1964 Civil Rights amendment was not taken seriously. This ensured that the pay is the same for male and female, appearance and weight are not factors for employment, and that there are no sexually exploitive work environments.

I am definitely not a feminist in any way. I think that men and women are very different. There are a few things that have come out of the feminist movement that, in my opinion, has effected our culture negatively. However, there are just as many positive things that have come out of this movement as well.

Another is having an excuse to carry a stylish briefcase.

This photoshoot was taken in Plainfield, IL. It is a small town where I visited often while growing up. I decided to use this photoshoot as a contrasting piece. City girl in a small town to illustrate the change women went through during the 60s. Life surrounded by the white picket fence was no longer the goal. Instead, a job in the big city became not only an dream, but also a possibility.

The dress is from Bebe, the shoes are Guess, and the necklace is from Akira shoes. I am still not buying anything new! I am on month two, half way through my goal of three months. This outfit is from the back of my closet.

My two words are: Right and Contrasting

All pictures are taken by Corrie Mick Photography

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