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I went to school for undergrad at a Bible college. No I was not going to school to be a nun. That is usually the question that follows. I am no Mother Teresa. Besides reading about Jesus for homework, the other cool thing about Bible college was the connections I am able to build with cool organizations across the globe.

I want to tell you about Sak Suam. I was walking through the college’s common area and noticed a booth full of gorgeous fashion accessories, fun jewelry, purses and clothing. I have seen many different organizations who build a business for women in low income communities to have a job many times. I have even worked in the Philippines with girls coming out of poverty by creating jewelry and greeting cards. All this to say, Sak Suam really impressed me. I stopped in front of their booth and needed to find the founder. Their products are not only quality, each has a story.

If you are wanting to talk about a modern day Mother Teresa, talk to the founder of Sak Saum, Ginny Hanson. Ava and I were able to spend at least 15 minutes asking Ginny about what inspired her to create Sak Saum. She and her husband Eric moved to Cambodia in 2004. They worked together to start an organization called In His Steps International. In His Steps International works to empower those who are in Cambodia.

The next year Ginny met Theavy. Theavy was abandoned, without any way to provide for her new born, by her husband. Ginny wanted to help and founded Sak Saum. The way Ginny puts it, “just one woman reaching out to help one woman”.

I chose this tank because its adorable and because in the winter I can pair it with a sweater and in the summer I can wear it with my shorts. I also chose this leather wrap bracelet. Remember when I told you Sak Saum’s products have a story? Most of Sak Saum’s jewelry is created by the women in Cambodia. Many of the girls have been through hard life challenges, including sex trafficking. But this is the cool part! Ginny and her husband have also seen the men who work in the human trafficking industry change their lives around as well. My bracelet is made by one of the pimps who had decided to step out of that life and weld metal for jewelry as a living instead. HOW AMAZING!

Ginny and those at Sak Saum would say they have seen lives turn around, but not because of a alternative means to make a living. They have seen a difference in communities and families because of love.

“As followers of Jesus, we have all experienced the transforming power of God at work in us – that quiet work of the Holy Spirit convicting us of wrongdoing, cleansing our hearts, shaping our character, changing our attitudes, and influencing our actions.”

I love this brand so much! Please check their site out and buy something for you and friend because love changes lives.

Sak Saum’s Facebook || Instagram || Website

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  • Reply Christine January 14, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    I love this story. There are so many great people out there helping other people globally. One at a time we can all make a difference. Hannah, you have such a beautiful spirit & soul. Keep up the amazing work you are doing. Such an inspiration. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon.
    Much Love-
    Christine & Madison

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