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A radio show sound engineer is like the musician in a band. They basically push buttons to play the music on a radio show. Right before I was promoted to being a morning show engineer, a friend of mine was going to train me on how the radio sound board worked. He told me there is a certain personality type that goes along with being a sound engineer. I am still not totally sure about what that means. Whether I have the personality type, the balls to do what it takes to work on a live radio show or not I have been having a blast!

Sound is such a cool science! There’s frequency, volume, wave length, tone and pitch of a sound. A sound engineer has the privilege to propel sound across a nation using the radio frequencies. Now there’s digital radio, podcasts, music and movie streaming. So many sounds. So many opportunities to create a sound wave in the atmosphere.

I did not know until working this job that the human ear picks up the sound frequencies in the range from 1000 Hz to 5000 Hz. These intensities seem louder to the human ear than a sound at 100 Hz. Two sounds with the same intensity but different frequencies will not have the same loudness. Although intensity and loudness seem to be the same, the more intense sounds actually sound louder to our ears.

You may not have a board with tons of buttons, but you do have a voice. Your opinions matter. You have two options. To use your voice to speak positive or negative messages to others. Just like the ear will hear a sound that is intense vs loud, you will be heard if you are building others up and not tearing others down. Just like the ear hears frequencies at 1000 Hz to 5000 Hz vs. frequency at 100 Hz, you will be heard louder when your voice is speaking words of positivity. Use your voice for good. Create a positive sound wave in the atmosphere.


My outfit today is completely from the thrift! Its Thursday thrift…. but not because its Friday! My jeans are hand ripped. My top is also from the thrift along with my loafers. I found my butterfly necklace at an antique store. I absolutely love this all black look. Special thanks to my creative director for this post, AVA DIXON, who took the photos and had the vision for the outfit.

How to Rip Your Jeans

1. Buy distressed, high wasted jeans from the thrift store

2. Put on the jeans and mark where you want the rips with white chalk

3. Cut the jeans where you marked

4. Use hammer or sand paper to fray the jeans where you cut the rips

5. If you have time wash the jeans to make the rips look more distressed

My Two words for this outfit are SOUND WAVES


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  • Reply Elizabeth Hunter July 9, 2016 at 5:53 am

    Radio boards are so confusing! As a Journalism major I’ll just stick with print 😉 Either way, your totally spot on: each of us has a world of power in our words.
    Love the distressed look. Want to try it out on my own now.

    • Reply Hannah July 14, 2016 at 2:49 am

      Yay! haha good for you! keep writing! Thanks for commenting Elizabeth!

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