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Praying for Paris

I can never plan to be inspired to paint. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a song writer and he agrees. Inspiration cannot be planned.

Inspiration cannot be planned and sometimes comes at very inconvenient times. This happened to me this past Wednesday. I knew I should have been taking my four hour nap since I had gotten up at 3 am and had gone to sleep at 11 pm the night before. However I was feeling inspired.

Here are a few definitions of the word inspiration:

  • the act of drawing in; specifically: the drawing of air into the lungs

  • the act or power of arousing the mind or the emotions: the inspiration of music

  • A good idea

The first definition is a medical term. How interesting! Notice happy or joyful is not in the definition. I feel most inspired when I am sad, upset, or angry. Another friend said he never could compose music until his parents divorced and he needed a creative way to express pain. Being inspired through an emotion and situation in my life gives me a feeling I could only describe as drawing of air into the lungs, giving life. I love that. There’s no other way to describe the process of turning a feeling or idea into a creation.

On Wednesday, I have no idea what was inspiring me but I had a bittersweet feeling. I always think of Paris for some reason when I feel this way. It is the city of love, lights and fashion. The Chicago Tribune recently called Paris Chicago’s sister city in regards to sharing culture and trading. I visited Paris not long ago. The taste, smells and noises are wonderful memories of mine. During the whole trip I couldn’t stop thinking about getting back and painting. A year later I painted these three paintings. Each is a scene from Paris. I hope you enjoy the abstract picture of bittersweet I tried to create. The city of Paris draws air into my lungs. The city inspires me.

You can imagine my surprise to find that three days later, terrorist groups killed around 160 people in Paris. In TIME magazine, a witness described the tragedy as a “bloodbath”. The terrorists did not shout anything but shot at a crowd gathered at the Bataclan concert hall. There was an explosion outside a France-Germany soccer game, and shootings were reported at Le Petit Cambrodge Restaurant.

Twitter had to monitor many handlers who where celebrating the horrible event. What is stronger than the bloody hashtags are the love and support circulating all forms of social media. Hollywood Reporter wrote on how the fashion community is sending out support through social media. There are many across the states who are flying the French flag. Time magazine sates that many Muslims speak against this attack saying, “Terrorism has no religion”. What a horrible event. My heart goes out to the city of love, fashion and lights. I pray that the rest of the world can inspire, bringing air into the lungs of those living in Paris, like the city does for the world.

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