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5 Places to Visit in Chicago this Summer

1. The Water Tower

The Water Tower itself is gorgeous. You can tour the historic building, however it is what is around the tower that makes this place number one on my list. I probably visit this location once a week. Mostly because the Water Tower Mall is across the street, but also because of the people who sit on the benches outside of the tower. I have had many interesting conversations with people all over the world right here. The Hancock tower is across the street along with Guidelli Chocolate. I always stop there on a bad day to get a free sample of chocolate. 







2. Navy Pier

Navy pier has many exciting plans this summer. The first actually happened last week. They put a new ferris wheel in! The new wheel will rise to a height of 196 feet, almost 50 feet taller than the current wheel. However, according to the Chicago Tribune the wheel is still 68 feet shorter than the original Ferris wheel, built for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. There is a rich history to Navy Pier and a great place to explore. To visit their site click here to read what the tribune has to say about the ferris wheel click here.


3. Millennium Park

As I am writing this post I realized I am completely obsessed with this city. I am not just saying that. There is something that sparks the imagination in this city. Millennium Park is one of those places. The Millennium outdoor stadium has many free concerts in the city. You can experience anything from classical to rock to R&B music. Click here to see the summer schedule. You must see the Cloud Gate or also known as the Bean… just to take a picture with it. I like the photo bellow because of the finger prints all over the Bean. I think people take pictures with their hand on the Bean because they feel connected to the city. I know I do when I visit the park.






4. The Art Institute

Actually you will have a blast at all the museums in Chicago. Here’s the list:

I love the Art Institute because of the many classic exhibits. Walk around and spend the day. If you want to experience Chicago’s art but have less time check out The Museum of Contemporary Art. This museum changes the exhibit often so you will never experience the same thing. It’s amazing. Unlike the Museum of Contemporary Art you can get lost in the Art Institute. Just recently The Art Institute had Van Gogh’s Bedroom on display. Do you ever imagine what it would be like to fly on the plane from France to Chicago with Van Gogh’s masterpiece in the cargo? I do. That would be insane!


5. The Planetarium  

Last but not least stop by the Planetarium. I have never actually been inside the build, but I heard its cool. I go there three or four times a year because it is by far the best view of the Chicago sky line. End your trip sitting on the steps with the others from around the world who also decided to take in the view of this breath-taking city.


Chicago is a diverse city, but throughout the cars on Lake Shore drive, the boats in the harbor and the many bikers on the Magnificent Mile there is a theme of connection. This summer join Chicago and connect to the city.

Photo credits go to Ava Dixon and I, we make a good team.

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