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Be Endearing

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Guys, it might snow in Chicago! Ugh! Horrible. Seriously horrible! I am gonna still dress like its gonna be spring someday!

Be Endearing. Embrace Your Quirks

One thought I have been thinking about recently: Be Endearing.

I laugh all the time. Life is too short to not have fun. I also laugh about things I can’t control, because if you can’t do anything about it you might as well laugh. I was hanging out with a friend and her boyfriend and his friends once. It was a warm summer night in the subburbs of Chicago and they had a bonfire going in the backyard. I was laughing pretty hard with my friend when her boyfriend started picking on my laugh. He compared it to something like a “witch”. I can remember the exact place in the yard we were and what he said. I can’t remember what I was laughing at though. Isn’t that just like a negative comment. A comment like that takes the joy out life.

This didn’t keep me from laughing, however, for the longest time, I didn’t like to hear my laugh. This wasn’t really a problem until I got into radio when I had to hear my laugh when I was trying to edit content from on air. I also started creating videos and would edit out my laugh! Recently, I have had so many random people tell me they love my laugh and smile. It is so funny how something that you were picked on about could end up being a trademark or a part of you that is what people think of when they think of you and smile. If you were ever picked on for something about yourself I think it is so important to remember that reflects the other person, not you. This is important especially for things that we can’t change. Turn that one thing into a part of you that is enduring.

Fair Trade Feature:

Lauren has been one of the original “Full Color Lifers” and loves all things fair trade. She reached out to tell me about a line of accessories she knew I would love… so I am passing it on. My necklace is from Noonday Collection.  It is a fair trade company connecting artisan partners around the world. You can even sell and help the sustainability and creation of new jobs. It is really a win win for everyone!

Special thanks to my friend Brittany Bernholdt for being my photographer!

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