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Hi all, I want to start out this blog post by saying this is a topic really important to me. I recently was able to hear Melinda Gates speak on her efforts in women’s health globally and was inspired. There are many charities she and her husband work with, one of which is the International Justice Mission. She says she and her husband talk about their relationship, their kids and then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in that order on date night. She is also a part of a study called, “No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project”. This project surveys the progress of women all around the world. I think this is why during the interview I heard, she listed off statistics of women’s health, emotional and physical, and education from all over the world, with ease. If you want to learn more or if you are not convinced CLICK HERE  or below to hear Melinda talk about her work with women’s rights around the world.

What does this have to do with you? Melinda, went on to say that she felt a great burden or responsibility to give what she has to help where she sees a need. If one of the most powerful women in the world cares that much about women around the world who she may never meet, I can care about doing my part.

One of the things Melinda touched on that caught my attention was her statement. Everyone deserves a fair chance at education. I got involved and I want to let you know how you can too.

When going on a clothing line website to do online shopping there is rarely a “mission” tab. However, on this fashion line there is a tab next to “accessories” tab, that is titled “mission”. This is because Unlock Hope is a business that has a mission. Their mission is one that you cannot pass up being apart of.

Being a professional women in the work place, I know how hard it is to be a woman… and I am in the United States! Imagine trying to escape a war torn country, being orphaned and living in a different country. The last thing you are worried about is an education, especially if you are a female. The next step is to get married and try to provide for a family in the middle of poverty. There is often no other option. In Uganda many women are caught in this cycle that they cannot break. Women deserve another option to take care of themselves and better provide for their families. Unlock Hope wants to break this cycle. Their clothing allows for girls being educated in Uganda.

“Solely through the sale of our products we are able to fully fund the hostel and provide everything necessary for these girls to receive an education. Health care, food, tuition, utilities, transportation, support staff, school fees, clothing, uniforms, toiletries, school supplies, books and more are completely paid for – all thanks to your purchases!”

How can you not get behind this mission?


The message of this organization is very clear. If you educate a woman, you can potentially educate an entire nation. You can be apart of the mission.

I recently put together a budget because I am trying to move to an apartment. As I wrote down all of my expenses I came up with my monthly budget for clothes. You probably have done this at some point. Use that money set aside for your closet to do what you would do anyways, but this time your purchase goes to a mission to educate women.

Get behind the Mission.

Click here and use promo code FULLCOLOR for a 20% discount. Follow UnlockHope on Instagram!

#FocusOnTheGood ?? Free US shipping when you use the code “freefall” on

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