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Men’s Fashion || Ten Tips to Dress Better

Are you a dude and you love fashion? Do you need a little help? Do you not really care but you decided to click anyway? Great! You will love these tips. I have had multiple guys ask me for a guide on men’s fashion. I decided today it would be the day I dive into men’s fashion. Ready? Let’s go. Your girlfriend will thank you for reading this. The way you dress isn’t horrible, but maybe you need some guidelines. If you get the guidelines down don’t be afraid to go out of the box in your wardrobe.

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 #1 When You Are Tall

Buy a long line fitted shirt. The shirt usually fits long on most guy’s torso, but will fit like a usual shirt if you are taller than most guys.

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#2 When You Are Short

Color block! Don’t wear a belt that is a different color than your pants. This will cut your body in half and make you appear shorter. A great way to look taller is to match the color of your shoes with the color of your pants.

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#3 When Deciding to Tailor

When you are deciding if you should buy a suit jacket lean against a wall. The shoulder pad should not touch the wall before your shoulder does.

#4 Don’t Leave Your Boots Behind

A lot of guys think there are only two types of shoes, dress shoes and work shoes. There are other types of shoes out there. You can tell a lot about what a guy wears on his feet. Buy a nice pair of boots. Nice boots can dress up jeans and a button up or a plain white tee.

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#5 Distressed Jeans

Those work jeans with the grass stains… yea don’t wear those out…. HOWEVER, there is a way to wear distressed jeans that will bring your closet to the next level. If you buy distressed jeans keep the tears at a minimal. A nice pair of denim jeans with a rip in the knee is ok and works.


#6 Skinny Jeans

Please, please, please do yourself and your circulation a favor, don’t wear jeans like leggings. Wear slim or straight leg jeans or pants. Not only will you be more comfortable, but your jeans will look more custom fit to you.

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#7 Eliminate Accessories

Have three accessories you know will go with anything you wear. A watch is a good example of this. A nice watch can go with jeans or dress pants.

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#8 Show Off Your Shoe

Since your shoe is one of the most important part of your wardrobe, you should show your shoes off. Wearing pants that are too long for you cover up your shoe and leave you looking sloppy. Keep your hem a half of an inch off the top of your shoe.

#9 Choose the Perfect Color

Know your skin’s undertone. That’s right. That’s what I said. Know your skin’s undertone. Whatever your undertone is you need to wear the complementary color. I just recently learned you can know this by looking at the veins in your hands. Purple-blue veins mean you look great in warm colors, but your undertone is a cool color. Do you have blue-green veins? Your undertone is neutral colors. Green or Olive veins and your undertone color is warm, which means you should wear cool colors. Crazy right?

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#10 Confidence is Key

Don’t limit yourself. Wear what you like with confidence and you will look amazing every time. I hope this helped! Thanks for stopping by! If you want more fashion inspiration check out the profiles of the IG I have linked to. Each IG is either a fashion Instagrammer or a Youtuber on Men’s fashion…. Well besides Chance, Beiber and the Bachelorette. Think a guy in your life needs help? Send them the link! If you liked this post let me know and don’t forget to subscribe. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave




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