Live Out Loud Fashion Show

Designer Line Up

  1. Mario & Jorge -The Millenial Collection by MJ
  2. Meme Rollins- M.H.O.D.
  3. Jackson Skyler – Royal Rose Fashion and Embroidary
  4. Nuno Martelle -Hekature Designs and creations
  5. Sharisa Freeman – Sharisa Couture Designs and Jewelry by: Danaya Designs 4U
  6. Abraham Garcia – Moonlight Collection
  7. Garciela Liorenta
  8. Jynah James – Kiti Kouture
  9. Bella Lucci -DaLab 650 E Fashion and Science
  10. Natalia Marie- Prana Maker
  11. Annette Evans – Shear Gold Fashions
  12. Anjana Misra

And my favorite, the green dress with the peacock feather detailing is designed and shown by the designer Wafaa Lahlah. She received the 2017 International Designer of the Year Award and came all the way from Paris to be apart of the fashion show.

The 8th annual Live Out Loud Charity was produced by Sherrie Gearheart, the Founder of Live Out Loud Charity and the Ms. Illinois America 2018 titleholder.

Is Suicide a Part of Your Story?

Suicide has been a part of my story. One of the reasons I decided to study psychology was because a friend of mine in high school attempted suicide and I was the last person to talk to him. There was a text, “thanks for being there for me” and then nothing. What do you do when your gut feeling is that something isn’t right this time?

Live Out Loud Charity is a worldwide movement raising awareness about suicide prevention. Did you know that suicide is a leading cause of death in most countries? It ranks in the top three. At the same time, it is the most preventable causes of death. Most who struggle with suicide struggle with two things, depression, and substance abuse. Suicide is on the rise.

Right here in Illinois suicide is actually the 2nd cause of death in most teens from 7-15 years old. This breaks my heart and I know it breaks yours too. You can get involved today. Stop by Live Out Loud. They have the best resources. There is a 24/7 helpline and ways for you to books events, learn more about suicide prevention and volunteer.

I was so honored when Sherrie, the founder of Live Out Loud and the Ms. Illinois America 2018 titleholder, contacted me to attend a Live Out Loud Charity Fashion Show right here in Chicago. The fashion show is another way to educate people about suicide and mental health. Sherrie is the mastermind behind the shows.

Stories are powerful. No one can take away your personal story. A personal story can move and stir in a different way that stats and numbers can’t begin to move. Those participating in this fashion show have had family members and loved ones touched by suicide and depression and that is why they have decided to take a stand and live out loud. The show was beautiful and many models were able to tell their own stories about going through bullying and depression and how they or their family member were able to overcome, conquer fear, and live their lives loud. It really was a celebration of life.

My friend in high school was always down, but I knew I couldn’t take a chance when I received their text. I contacted a friend who contacted a family member and my friend was able to live through his attempt. If you know someone who is struggling with depression first, don’t hesitate to ask “are you suicidal?”. Second, share your story of overcoming. Affirm and ask questions about their life. For more tips on suicide prevention, ambassador programs, and a help hotline, all you need is at Live Out Loud Charity.

Life is worth living. Have a Full Color Day!

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