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Jump Into Love

This Valentines Day jump into love. There are two movies I want to see that are coming out soon. The first one is “The Choice”. It is based on a book by the classic writer, Nicholas Sparks. The trailer’s line, “You cannot choose events in your life, but you can choose to love,” caught my eye. CE6A9569This shoot was supposed to be for Valentines Day. I was thinking ahead and trying to brainstorm about a creative post for the most romantic day of the year. I watched the movie trailer for The Choice and decided, “YES, I want to choose love”, SO I chose RED pants for the shoot. CE6A9566The second movie that I want to see is, “How to be Single”…. because… can you guess?… I am single! AND the movie comes out on my birthday. CE6A9563Can you choose love when you are single? The answer is the same answer to the question: “Can you wear red pants when you are single for Valentine’s day?”. That’s a dumb question. The answer is YES!

CE6A9562Did you know there is only one word for the word “love” in the English language. Of course you do, because you probably speak English if you are reading this. When Socrates and Aristotle were around there were multiple words for “love”. Because there are many definitions for “love”, I want to highlight two ways to choose love. The first is a given. Choose romantic love. Many times when someone is single the easy way out is to keep a closed heart towards love. The typical line comes out of this person’s mouth, “I am taking a break from dating”. Or another option is putting a time limit on your singleness. “I am not dating this year”. That is the biggest excuse in the book for, “I am actually afraid of love”.

I have had a lot of not fun romantic relationships, but I really don’t have any regrets. I learned so much through hurtful or challenging relationships. I have learned how to love through those situations. Loving someone well is never something to regret.

Did you know most break ups happen right before Valentine’s Day?  Why is this? Because people get so excited about being with a special someone during the holidays that they scare themselves into getting serious quicker than what they are ready for. The holidays scare many away from wanting to spend the money for Valentine’s Day gifts. That is probably why my two serious boyfriends BOTH broke up with me on Martin Luther King Day. Two years apart of course. It is really a thing! That’s why I am mentioning the second way to choose love.

Second way to choose love is to look out for others around you. If I can’t love others around me how will I be able to love my soon to be significant other? I am really working on this. When you have been burned by a friend it is hard to trust again. It is like jumping in the air and not knowing how the landing will feel. What if you get taken advantage of again? I get it. I have been there, but I do know loving again will be worth it, I promise. Whether you are single or in a relationship, jump into love. Choose love and red pants this Valentine’s Day.

Loving someone well is never something to regret.


Pants from American Apparel

Denim Sham from American Eagle

Shoes from, guess where… Walmart!

Two Words: Red Pants

Photos by the great Lex Gordon 

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