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How To Dress For Your Body Shape

In Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, a classic book by Ann Brashares, a group of four friends were so amazed that one pair of jeans fit each of girl. There is a reason this story revolves around the jeans… THAT never happens!! Each person is unique in every way, including body shape. This is why it is important to dress for you and your body, not anyone else.

Here are some tips from curvy models:

“My personal style is ever evolving, but always based on comfort and texture, with pieces meant to accentuate my body rather than hide.” -Tara Lynn

Don’t hide your body. Find out what accentuates your body type.

“Don’t let your size limit the trends you want to try. Be BOLD! Try on sizes that you never imaged you could wear”. -Ashley Graham

I say this all the time, but don’t limit yourself. If you like something you can pull it off. Finding what looks best on you should only be second priority. The first priority when shopping is that you love what you are wearing! IMG_1434What is your shape: I love anything loose fitting. I have a shape that is between an hour glass shape and a pear. I love my boyfriend jeans, a loose top and booties. How to Dress for Your Body ShapeThis is why I usually just throw on a large men’s v-neck and jeans. How to Dress For Your Body ShapeFinding the Right Fit: I have to be careful not to wear something that is too big. There has to be a perfect balance. Your top’s shoulder hem should not be far off from your shoulder.

The Perfect Neckline: I like wearing button down tops or the tapered look because I am short and this look makes my torso look longer. I also buy tops with a wide neckline because my shoulders and upper body are smaller than my hips.

How to Dress For Your Body TypeWhich Top: When I shop online I know which styles of dress look good on me based on where the waist line comes in. If the dress comes in close to the bust line I won’t like the dress. If the dress comes in on the larges part of my hips it will fit me perfectly.

Finding A “Sisterhood” Pant: Your pockets should be proportionate to your bottom. Showing your ankle will make your legs look longer and your legs smaller. If you are wearing loose pants wear a loose top. If you are wearing tight pants wear a loose top. Like I said before I love a loose comfy outfit.  

How to Dress ShapeIf The Shoe Fits: Since I like a baggy pant I usually go with a larger shoe, such as a bootie. If you are wearing skinnies wear a smaller, petite shoe. I enjoy having shoes that are the highlight of my outfits, but remember that when you wear a sneaker or statement shoes that is what people will notice first.

Add Color: This is my favorite part! Color is so interesting to me! Lately I have been obsessed with wearing only one color. I think it looks so elegant. My mom loves matching colors. I love having a few strong colors with a main color being my accent or neutral color. 

The above are just some guidelines I know about myself for when I want to look my best. What are your guidelines?

Below is a chart to help you:

The Complete Guide For Women Fashion

Knowing your body type will help you be confident when shopping and looking for the best piece to complete your wardrobe. Remember don’t limit yourself. Be the best you.

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Article from Vogue: Curvy Model’s Shopping Secrets

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