Holiday Looks – If You’re Feeling Green

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Merry Christmas!

I visited a Christmas tree lot in Oak Park to take these photos and the staff was so fun! Thought I’d show you some of my Christmas vacation looks. I am sporting a super casual look this time (My New Years Eve ‘fit will be fancy). I found all of my outfits from American Eagle or Aerie. I believe they have a 50% off sale right now too. So check it out!

If You’re Feeling Green This Christmas…

I want to give you some tools this Christmas for your emotions and mental health. I so appreciate all of you who message me and email me with questions. You are a part of my day. Because I am feeling so thankful for my Full Color peeps, I always want to give back.

This is for you if you are feeling a little green.

By green I mean a little like the Grinch.

You may be thinking, Hannah, I am definitely not trying to steal Christmas!

You may not want to steal Christmas, however, are you:

  1. Feeling isolated
  2. Not heard or misunderstood
  3. A little bitter

When I was watching the Grinch cartoon version with my husband last night, I was reminded of how much we can carry hurt into adulthood and if we are not careful, turn into… the Grinch.

Disappointment + Anger = Bitterness

Here are a few tips on how to get un-grinched this holiday season.

  • TAKE SOME TIME TO BE ALONE. Having alone time to check in with yourself, to pray, to journal is healthy! Don’t just stare at a wall. Ask yourself this question: What or Who am I bitter about? Being Alone will alleviate bitterness only because sometimes we don’t know we have bitterness.
  • KEEP COMMUNICATING. When you’re bitter because of a person, it can be hard to revisit the past hurt. I am here to tell you, you don’t have to. If a person continues to hurt you or refuses to apologize you may feel like you’re walking around with an open wound. As long as you’ve communicated to that person that that action hurt you, you’ve done your part. Don’t walk around with bitterness towards a person who has no clue the wrong they made you feel.
  • TAKE UP YOUR EMPATHY GAME. Now this might not help you quit being a Grinch around Christmas, but it may help someone else. Empathy is an art. Many times people feel isolated during times of grief, extreme loss, financial struggles, shame, or major life transitions. Why is this? Because they may not have a safe person to talk to with their emotions. Can you be a safe person for someone feeling isolated? Do you have someone you can take your emotions to? Here’s a few fun facts about empathy.

Compassion = notice + feel + respond

Empathy = Compassion + Imagination

So compassion is actually understanding on a feeling level how someone is doing, because you’ve been through it. Empathy is imagining someone’s situation, not totally understanding it, but still acting on that feeling. Empathy is much more difficult. For example: I never had a parent die. I don’t know what that would feel like, but through listening I have the tools to empathize with someone who has lost a parent.

Having empathy for others is actually a great antidote against green bitterness that can creep in around this time. That very pain you have carried into adulthood may make you more compassionate with more empathy.

Please, reach out to someone if you are feeling any three of the green emotions above. You may have to talk to someone about how they hurt you in the past or you may have to find a safe person who has the skills to empathize with you. Whatever you need to do, don’t stay green this holiday season.

with love, HL

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