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Talking Love, Sacrifice and Where to get Flowers in Chicago

I always do something random for Valentine’s Day. I think last year I just talked to myself about my dating life in a video. I enjoy this holiday. Mostly because everything is pink.

This year I slipped into a dress from the 80s and explored one of my favorite floral shops. Steve’s flower Market was kind enough to let me stand in their window.

If you need to order some flowers here in Chicago, they are a family owned business and obviously pretty cool because they let me pose in the display window!

Speaking of random… Reading an article yesterday, I was surprised to come across a definition about sacrifice in relationships I had not heard before. The definition was this,
“The realm of sacrifice is in the actual realm; the realm of compromise is in the possible and imaginary realm. Sacrifice entails actual deeds and losses”.
I thought about this and I guess it is true. When making compromises it is stressful, emotional and no one really gets what they want. There’s this back and forth of “if I do this will you do that”? When there is a sacrifice the loss is known.
Think about this for a second with me. What is your definition of sacrifice? Does a certain person come to mind? How about an action? What surfaces in your heart when you hear the word sacrifice? I’ll be honest. What first comes to mind for me are past dating relationships mostly because of what they have taught me about how hard and important sacrificing can be in a tangible, practical sense. Second, I think of my faith and the example of Jesus. Just being honest.
The definition above is a good aspect of sacrifice in regards to a relationship. If I were to define sacrifice I would write something simple and specific.
During a compromise, both people involved, receive something unpretentious out of the situation. No one sacrifices in a compromise. I guess that’s why there are two different words.
Sacrifice is making a decision to take an action that you will not benefit from. You get nothing out of it. Nothing.

Let me put it this way, I have people in my life who sacrifice for me. They get nothing out of it. At least if they do it is not obvious to me. My mom buys me groceries every time I go home. It’s a tradition now.
She gets nothing out of it. My friend Ava will help me organize my closet about once every year. She gets nothing out of it. They sacrifice time and energy for me. This gives me the space to do the same for them when the opportunity arises.
I can have a friendship that doesn’t involve compromise but I couldn’t be in a friendship or relationship that doesn’t involve sacrifice. Loving someone well does take sacrifice. It’s a real decision involving actual actions and losses.
Speaking of a sacrifice, special thanks to Ava for capturing these photos for me <3 <3 <3
Thanks for stopping by! Have a full color day!

Steve’s Flower Market

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