My Favorite Things… At Target!

Ladies, you know how some nights, chips and cheese and salsa is a sufficient meal? Well, I am finding out this is just not how you feed a man. Luckily John is a pretty good cook. Actually, he’s amazing.

Today I realized we are out of bread, tomato soup, and shredded cheese. (I went grocery shopping five days ago) I also want to try to create unicorn toast… (visit my Instagram… I am sure I will show you the results soon)

Of course, the only place on earth to buy any of those things is Target! duh!!

I love Target. It’s like stress release to walk through the aisles. I start in the women’s clothing section. Dream about all the possibilities and then realize I would never spend 75 dollars for a coat from Target. I quickly bounce to the back where the sales racks are over flowing. I hungrily hunt for the perfect find. This time I wanted all of it. This fall Target is killing it with style. I was so tempted to buy an entirely new wardrobe… There’s just one problem… After throwing a wedding you could say I am broke…

BUT GUESS WHAT! YOU’RE NOT!  I put together a shopping guide with all the best outfit choices from Target.

Work Outfit

  1. Silk V-Neck:  I have looked far and long for a great tank top that can be worn with a nice blazer. Guys, this is the one! The one I have been searching for!
  2. The Must-Have Plaid Pants: Seriously, every go-getter needs this power suit!
  3. The Plaid Jacket: don’t buy the matching pants and wear it alone or buy the matching pants. I don’t care… I am obsessed!
  4. Plaid, yes Plaid Shoes: I told you plaid is in this fall!
  5. Blue Cropped Cargo Dress Pants… WITH Pockets:  Stop. This is a thing? I love these pants. I want em in both colors. Thanks.
  6. Plaid Skirt: Because why not!
  7. White Tied Blazer: This blazer goes with the pants, the tank top, the shoes AND the blue cargo pants.


  1. THE one with the sleeves: Look at it. No explanation needed!
  2. THE one with the sleeves and stripes: It’s just the best!
  3. THE one with the leaves: Perfect with a jean jacket!
  4. THE one with the Zipper: this is so retro and adorable. Please wear it with a white tee and then send a picture to me.
  5. THE one with the flowers: This is perfect for the office or the runway. Just wear a pair of sneakers and a blazer.
  6. THE one from the eighties: Ok, I am dying this pinstripe coat dress is EVERYTHING!

Leopard Print, Pink, More Leopard Print and Denim

  1. Quilted Waist Crossbody purse AND Fanny pack: Don’t be basic buy the pink one ; )
  2.  Leopard Print Asymmetrical Skirt: yes, yes, yes!
  3. Jean Skirt: This brings me back to my homeschool days. Let’s be trendy, vintage and weird together.
  4. Does that Pink Come Pleated?: this is the perfect shade of pink to go with that green sweater.
  5. A Tulle Leopard Print Non-Asymmetrical Skirt: In case you wanted options.
  6. Just a Green Sweatshirt Hoodie: Yes, pair this sweatshirt with your leopard print skirts and your pink pleats… and of course your fanny pack/crossbody purse


For Fun

  1. Think Pink Skirt: Just imagine walking into a movie theatre wearing this…. dang.
  2. Think Pink Puff Sleeves: Like who doesn’t want a puff-sleeved pink jacket… what!?

Ok, that does it for my obsessions. I am serious this was so fun for me. Its like telling a friend about your favorite restaurant or your favorite show on Netflix. I love love sharing with you some fashion finds that I am obsessed with. Also please buy something from Target online because I believe some are 70% off. And think of me. Because I am broke and cant. hahaha anyways guys thank you so much for stopping by. I can’t do this without you.

xoxoxox have a full color day!

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