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Disney Princess Style Ideas

I always have been intrigued with Cinderella. Like how does she have the patience with her step sisters and mother? I love the new Cinderella that came out two years ago. Cinderella quotes her mother, “Take Courage, be kind”. Gosh, it is so true. Being kind takes tons of courage!

Belle was not a shallow person. From looking after her father, to being brave enough to be different, she had character that was beyond ankle deep. When it came to love, Belle was wise and looked beyond a person who seemed beastly and saw something more.

Arielle, was ok with falling in love with an entirely new world. That is not an easy task. Try living in a different country or falling in love with someone who is from a different culture. IT IS NOT EASY! Props to her for not being afraid of loving differences.

 Pocahontas is another example of a story of a brave woman. She was not about to take the easy path. She knew love would be hard and she didn’t shy away from the choppy waters.

Disney sometimes gets a bad rep, but those are just a few lessons I learned Disney Princesses. It is cool to think those stories have still stuck with me. Stories empowering women, are not the only thing we can pull from Disney Princesses. We can also gather inspiring fashion from these princesses.



Cinderella .

This shot was taken outside in one of the alley ways near Loyola University… My dream college. I am wearing my adidas and a handkerchief over my hair just like Cinderella does in the cartoon… well she didn’t have adidas… but you know what I mean! My high wasted pants were just a given. The buttons are a bit annoying, however, I love the look especially with the tied jean sham.



Belle .

The Belle scene is taken in a bookstore in Roger’s Park called The Armadillo’s Pillow. It is a fun place to pop in if you are ever in the area. Pair a gold dress with black flats and you are set! Here is a fun gold dress from  and another one from Alice and Olivia since the one pictured here I am not sure where it is from. My favorite black flats are from Jimmy Choo. 



Arielle .

Roger’s Park is right along Lake Michigan’s shore. It is not quite the ocean, but you get the gist. I love the color scheme on this outfit! Find heels with that teal and a dark green skirt. You can find St. Laurent heels on   or Zara heels on . You will thank me later!4

Pocahontas .

Ok there is so many cool sculptures in Roger’s Park. Just explore! I gave you a lot of options for this post, because FRINGE AND SUEDE is IN! Buy as much as you can, because you are gonna need it this fall. I love these booties and this skirt the most. You can find a great green top or jersey shirt from StyleBop.  Nordstrom’s  has the best suede options right now so check it out.

Hey I hope you were inspired and that you got to take a trip to Roger’s Park and then your childhood memories.

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Photographer and creative director: Ava Roller

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  • Reply Rachel Thorpe September 16, 2016 at 11:19 pm

    This is one of my favorite posts so far!!! <3

  • Reply Juni September 18, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    So Creative! So beautiful!!

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