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 Creativity takes inviting change in every season of life.Creativity - Fashion Week I was on the phone with a friend and was in the need for a pep talk. I was having a creative block and needed inspiration. I started asking myself what is in the way of my creativity?Creativity - Fashion Week I think I kept telling myself to wait. Wait until this, wait until that. Wait until the next season in life. Well, I am done waiting. I am taking a risk and inviting change. What is on your creativity list? Maybe it is as simple as accomplishing some of the crafts you have pinned on Pinterest.Fashion Week Are you telling yourself to wait until this season of life is over? Maybe you need to sell yourself your creative ideas this season.Fashion Week In the past ten years the industry of fashion designers has changed drastically. Since the 60s Fashion designers have had the most unlimited, creative freedom. The runway is to fashion designers as the theater is to choreographers. Since the 20th century designers have had a type of celebrity status. Because of this, Fashion Week events have become very important to the industry.Creativity- Fashion Week Fashion Week is a time where designers get together to present the next season’s product ideas. There are events during most of the year, however, the four major fashion cities of the world, New York, London, Milan and Paris are the most important to the world of fashion. The first New York Fashion Week was held to distract people from French fashion during the World War II.  Before this time period the designer’s inspiration came only from French Couture. Here’s what you, as the consumer, need to know: most of the styles are not available until the next season, 6 months after the show.

Change is in the air again for the fashion world since major brands like Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford all have decided to skip this season’s New York Fashion Week. I recently read an article about Misha Nonoo, a newer designer, who decided to skip Fashion Week as well.   Creativity- Fashion Week    She explains to ELLE the reason she is taking a risk by not participating in Fashion Week is for the customer. She asks the question, “why not present this season’s fashion, in season?”.Creativity- Fashion WeekShe presented an Instagram campaign, calling it the first Insta-Show. During New York Fashion Week in September, Nonoo will show off her fall 2016 collection instead of spring 2017 collection. This way two things will happen.Creativity- Fashion WeekOne, knock-off brands will not have enough time to copy her new styles and secondly, the buyer will see what they love and have the option to buy the product that day. Now that’s a woman who doesn’t wait for seasons… literally.Creativity- Fashion Week

Don’t wait. Start creating before someone else does. No time is better than now. When you are out of college you’ll have a job. When you have a job you’ll want to get a better one. When you have a better job you’ll want to get married. When you’re married you’ll want kids…. and so goes the cycle. Don’t wait for the next season in life, because creativity is always in season.

My Two Words Are: Creative Change

Outfit is inspired by February 11th New York Fashion Week Event

Check it out!

Shoes: Converse

Necklace: J.Crew

Dress: American Apparel 

Photographer: Adam Pflederer @pfleds

Check out these other informative articles I was inspired by!

Interview by ELLE

New York Fashion Week By Vogue

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  • Reply Rachel Thorpe February 21, 2016 at 3:46 am

    truly inspirational… I love that you thrive on originality

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