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Welcome to TheFullColorLife!

Hi guys, I am just a girl who loves to paint and collect clothes.

I often say, life is colorful and limitless. But what does that actually mean?

Because …

….each person is so unique and different, I promote fashion brands who give back and are socially conscious along with popular fashion trends. Each person has value. We know that giving back is the only way to live a full and colorful life.

As someone who loves to paint I know my best paintings are the pieces with the most color. The different colors contrast and compliment each other, working to create a beautiful piece of art. I think that is actually my favorite part about painting: mixing the colors.

It takes a lot of work to fill in that gap when cultural differences create a distance between people. Art, specifically fashion, allows us to express and appreciate our differences, our “colorfulness”.

I find culture gives the world around us color. Whether this is expressed through art, learned through travel or shown in fashion I want to document what I have learned.

Our backgrounds do not limit us but free us to be who we are. We need each other. So lets roll up our sleeves and get started.

This is a blog about your story. About your background. Your unique culture that allows you to be who you are.

This is a blog about the hardships of differences, the stereotypes, the titles that lock you in because of where you are from, what you look like and who you surround yourself with.

This blog is about expressing the differences and seeing that no matter where you are from or who you identify yourself as, life is full of color and is limitless.

THANK GUYS! I couldn’t do this without you. Feel free to email me or leave a comment with your full color life story!

John 10:10

Hannah Pflederer – Founder

Hannah is the sound engineer/producer for 90.1 FM Moody Radio Chicago***. She also produces a feature radio feature called, That’s Real with Hannah Lynn.

*** Hannah Lynn is an employee of Moody Radio, however, this blog does not reflect and has no affiliation with Moody Radio.