BooHoo Review + Going Back to School Advice

My Dad sat me down in front of a computer and helped me search for careers. We took a personality, a career and skills test. Looking back I realize not everyone’s parents would even take the time to help guide their child to find something they enjoyed and I am pretty thankful.

The humorous part of that memory was the results. My best career fit was either a social worker or….. an actress. I let the results sit in my heart and kinda washed the thought of both in my mind. I asked myself “what do you think of this self?”. I essentially went to school directly out of high school and knew what I wanted to do.

I was going to be a therapist. I really wanted to help people. However, my internship and classes emotionally drained me. I finished my undergrad and felt completely burnt out.


Sometimes we think burn out means we are not in our right calling. Sometimes burn out just means we need a break.


Somehow I fell into radio during this time and completely ignored my psychology background. Don’t get me wrong I was using the knowledge every day, however, I really didn’t have a desire to continue my studies. I  don’t regret taking a two-year break from school, but I really do want to finish.

This past spring I took a jump and went back to school to work towards my masters. Wow, school is so hard when you have tasted the freedom of a life without homework. Homework is like a chain. But not a chain made out of papers… Actual metal chains. lololol

Here are a few questions I asked myself that helped me decide to go back.

  1. Will I look back and regret not getting my masters?
  2. Will I be able to cheer on others who got their degrees?
  3. Will I be able to accomplish my dreams and goals without the degree?
  4. Is it worth the time, effort and money?

I think the biggest questions were the first two.


If you can’t be happy for someone else’s accomplishments means you have some unfinished goals you need to start pursuing. No one is holding you back but yourself and I mean that. Also, it is never to late or the “wrong time” to pursue a different or career or enrich your already flourishing career.

My outfit is from the online store BooHoo… I have been reading a lot about these top online stores and how popular they have been in the recent years. Boohoo was one I had not tried out. I love the fashion-forward looks and how easy the website is to use. It is a little less money than Zara or even Asos, however, the quality shows. I like Asos’ quality waaay better. The price definitely correlates. But anyways I love this set. Super cute and comfy!


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