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Being Single My Thoughts On Being Single

img_9275A few weeks ago a co-worker of mine handed me a stack of books about “how to be single”. He was trying to get rid of the books and told me I was the only one he knew who was single. Am I the only one this has happened to? Wait, don’t answer that… In college my guy friends would do the same thing. We would study in the library for hours together. I would look up from the psychology books I had buried myself in, only to find ten books about being single placed in front of me. I would die laughing. Yes, I am single, unlike those books this post is not a “how to be single” post. I think you already are a pro. This is just my experience and I am wondering, can you relate?

My mom bought me an opal ring for my high school graduation. It has received the most compliments out of the many articles of fashion in my wardrobe. I never take it off. I place it everyday on my middle figure on my left hand. Most of the time I just get comments like, “I love your ring” or “omg where did you get your ring?”. A few times, however, I have been mistaken as being married. I don’t know how… I mean the ring is an opal not a diamond. I will respond with “oh, uh, I am not married…” Awkward right? Maybe not completely, but ya sometimes.

I have to explain that “…yes, I am single”….

All because of a ring.

My friend and I were both dumped at the same time a few years ago. We both agreed that we were shopping much more than usual. It made us “feel better”. This leads me to the question does a material thing make us happy? Or is it a temporary fix? Have you done that? I have a feeling I am not alone in shopping to fill the loneliness.

Single’s Day is a holiday in China celebrating the young singles and mobile shopping. Am I the only one to think that is a little ironic?

Relationships can be hard, but in my opinion it is worth it 98% of the time. I believe we are made to be known and loved. A healthy relationship brings happiness. I am really lucky to say all my friends who are married are happy in their relationships. You can tell. There’s a certain glow.

Here is a second question. Just like I get mistaken to be married because a ring is too close to my ring finger, could I be mistaken to be married because I am a happy single?

My goal right now, as a single person, is to be just as happy, loving, content and excited about life. When I need to appreciate my singleness I remind myself about three simple things.

  1. I go to the movies by myself and see any movie I want.
  2. I enjoy not having to plan my schedule around another person. Last minute girls night? CHECK.
  3. I enjoy living by myself. Once I move into my new apartment my whole kitchen WILL BE PINK. Sometimes it gets lonely, but once I find the right one I will have the rest of my life to be with someone. I am enjoying being by myself for now.

There is no reason not to be enjoying your singleness. I think I do a pretty good job. I have learned that happiness will never come from a person or… as hard as it is to remember…shopping.

Speaking of an awesome married friend! I was visiting my college roommate, Tina when these photos were taken. Photo creds go to both Zoe and Tina.

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