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About Vintage Fur and Ms. Spade

This Fashion Friday edition is about two of my favorite accessories. My fur coat and my Kate Spade Purse.


Purses are so important for women! We need so much during our day and we never use our pockets. Purses make or break an outfit in my opinion.

There are two kinds of girls. Ones who change their purses everyday and others who use the same purse all year round…. maybe a few years around… until the thing breaks…. My mom has a different purse for every color in her wardrobe. She will match purse, shoes and skinny jeans.

My sister hates spending money on purses and would rather spend on jeans and most importantly, shoes. If she were less practical she would love to buy accent purses.

My ideal purse would be a diaper bag. Unfortunately, most are pretty ugly. I want a purse that is durable, big and goes with every outfit. This is my first Kate Spade purse. It has all the durability of a diaper bag but the style I need. I was playing around with the idea of buying a Coach purse, but when I walked into a Kate Spade store, I was sold. I love the rose gold color of this purse because it goes with basically anything… or maybe just my closet’s colors.

I found this quote from the New York Times about Kate Spade, the designer of handbags.  “Ms. Spade, does not keep just one work satchel. She has many. ‘One fills up with junk; I pull out the necessities like wallet and keys and just start again,’ she says”.

Kate Spade had a slow start in her purse business, I found out. She actually at one point worked for a motorcycle dealership. Her husband, and at that time boyfriend, said she was the only person wearing a pink crewneck. I could only imagine she had a matching pink purse to go along with her shirt.

I love that!

On a side note… Kate Spade does sell diaper bags…FurVINTAGE FUR:

Ok before you go throwing tomatoes at me for owning a fur coat let me say a word… VINTAGE…

My Mom finds the best things at the thrift store. New fur coats can cost around $1,000 today. I would suggest to buy a vintage coat instead of a new one. That way you are not the one paying for the killing of an animal. The best places to find vintage fur coats is . It is very interesting to read about vintage fur. For example, in the 20’s, fur coats were long and were formed by straight panels of fur. The coat I am wearing is probably from the 70’s or 60’s because the cut is shorter. The fur is bunny, which is why there are many different colors and texture in the fur.

Fur Bracelet from New York and Co

Purse from Kate Spade

Fur Coat: bunny fur from the thrift

My two words are: Rose Spade

Article on Vintage Coats and Clothing

Article on Kate Spade’s purses

Article on Kate Spade’s slow success

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  • Reply Lydia B January 13, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    I have a Kate spade diaper bag and it just makes me feel so dang special.

    • Reply Hannah January 16, 2016 at 12:43 am

      No way! HA! when I have kids I totally need one!

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