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6 Ways You Can Look Taller

One crisp day I was walking next to my friend down the streets of Chicago and she commented on how fast I was walking. I walk fast. She said she was surprised. I thought, “hmmm what is that supposed to mean?”. She laughed and continued, “you are pretty short, Hannah”.

This was the moment I realized I was short.

6 Ways You Can Look Taller

I looked UP at her and said “… not really… I am around your height…”

HANNAH. I am five foot six inches.

Wow… ya I am not the same height as you…

6 Ways You Can Look Taller  I always say I have short syndrome. I think I am much taller than I actually am. I am around five foot two inches. IMG_4431 There is always a moment, however, when a person I have known for awhile looks at me and says, “wow, Hannah, you are short”. This is how I know we are good friends.

I love being short. I really do, however, there are times when I want a little lift in my wardrobe, not just in my heel. I think I have finally mastered the art of looking lofty. I have concluded my secret consists of two things: Look tall and act tall. 6 Ways You Can Look Taller  Looking tall is the easy part. Here are six ways you can look taller. 6 Ways You Can Look Taller  1. Wear The Right Shoe. Wearing heels is the obvious way to look taller. I love heels, but they can get annoying. Other shoes that will help are open toed sandals and any pointed toe shoe. Avoid wearing shoes with straps.  IMG_4458 2. Match Colors. To look taller you want to look more like a rectangle than a square. Matching your pant color with the color of your shoe will give your figure a linear look which results in you looking longer. The best way to do this is for your whole outfit to  be monochromatic. If you dress entirely  in one color you will look taller. black, navy, gray, taupe, tan, or brown are the best colors to wear in a monochromatic way. IMG_4459

3.Use Your Hair For Height. Cutting your hair short just above the shoulder gives you a height factor that long hair will not. You should also put more layers and highlights. The obvious way to use your hair for height is to add volume. Big hair will always add an extra inch. 6 Ways You Can Look Taller  4. A New Neck Line. Wearing long flowing scarfs and jewelry will help with the allusion you are trying to accomplish. Another very important trick is to wear a v-neck. 6 Ways You Can Look Taller

5. Wear the Waist. High waisted pants and skirts are the way to go. The goal is to show off your legs. The high waist will elongate your legs. Wear that waist where everyone can see it.  6 Ways You Can Look Taller  6. Lastly, Leave the Big Bag. I only cary around large purses because I commute far and need EVERYTHING… Just in case… But it doesn’t help me with my lack of loftiness. I know you are just as attached to your large Longchamp bag, but it is half your size. Just promise me that when you go out to dinner you will bring a smaller purse so you do not look like a child. Ok, that was harsh but I think I was talking to myself more than anyone. 6 Ways You Can Look Taller

You have my first tip down… You know how to look tall. My second tip is a little more difficult. ACTING like you are tall… That takes a little more art. But I believe in you! Walk with your head held high, look like you know where you are going and walk fast.

My Two Words: Lofty and Little

  1. Top from Target, shamelessly. Large pant from Urban Outfitters.
  2. White dress shirt and black pants from New York and Co.
  3. Purse by Madden Girl. Heels by BCBGeneration. Handkerchief inspired by

Photos by Adam Pflederer @pfleds

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