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A Full Life: How to Get Ready for a Fashion Show

If you are like me… Which I don’t think you are because I am pretty weird… but if you are… You ask yourself questions like what do you wear to go horse back riding? Your brother’s tennis game? Your BFF’s bachelorette party that just happens to have horse back riding on the list of activities?…. Or how do you get ready for a fashion show?

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What to Expect From Anthropologie This Spring

My favorite Anthropologie store is in Chicago. I say its my favorite because the entire building is pink… and there is free parking. I get a good feeling every time I go there. It has to be the feeling Audrey Hepburn got in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Sometimes what gives you a good feeling doesn’t make sense to anyone, but you. I want to encourage you to do what gives you a good feeling this spring. Continue Reading

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Do You Ask For Advice?

This past week I was asking my friends if they ask their dads about dating and boys. We were going to have a dating segment on the radio station I worked for. The conversations were interesting because I realized coming up with the questions was more difficult than I expected. I knew I had questions, but didn’t know how to ask the questions. Titles of magazines, countless dating tips and relationship articles were streaming through my mind. All of the articles from complete strangers who tried to answer the questions floating around in my head. Why do we search for answers but do not ask the questions? Continue Reading